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Albuquerque Laminate Flooring

Albuquerque NM Laminate Flooring

Myths About Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring has been one of the most popular flooring options in Albuquerque. Many homeowners use laminate flooring for their living spaces because of the benefits it offers. However, many strange ideas have developed about laminate flooring that have no solid evidence to prove that these are true.

If you are considering laminate flooring for your home, it would be best to know about these myths and determine whether they are true or not.

Myth #1: Laminate is not durable
Many people think laminate flooring is not sturdy and can easily be damaged. But this is not true. Laminate flooring is actually incredibly durable because each panel consists of at least four layers: the base, the substrate, the pattern, and the wear layer. And with proper care, laminate flooring can last for many years.

Myth #2: It is not easy to clean laminate flooring
One of the common myths about laminate flooring is it is impossible and time-consuming to clean. But this could not be further from the truth because laminate is smooth, flawless, and has no seams to trap debris when properly installed. It is a low-maintenance flooring that only requires a dust mop or vacuum once in a while to keep it look great. Its incredibly stain and moisture-resistant surface coating makes spills and other messes easy to clean. Even a damp cloth can remove dirt, debris, and other look particles easily. Make sure not to use a wet mop because even the thinnest hairline cracks can absorb water.

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Myth #3: It looks cheap
Laminate flooring comes in an array of styles, textures, and designs. It is one of the best alternatives for hardwood flooring and natural stones as it provides the authentic look of hardwood and stone. Many homeowners use laminate wood flooring NM to have the appearance of hardwood floors in their homes at an affordable price. With the variety of styles and colors, you can match your laminate floor to your room's style and mood.

You may visit our store to see the variety of designs, styles, and textures available in our Albuquerque laminate flooring.

Myth #4: Laminate floors cannot be repaired and must be replaced
Many people believe that it is impossible to treat laminate flooring problems, like spills and scratches. However, this myth is not true, and people might be confused between a laminate floor and a linoleum floor. Laminate hardwood flooring NM comes in planks, while vinyl or linoleum comes in sheets. And because laminate floors are sold in planks, you can replace each plank individually if needed. Minor to moderate scratches are often repaired with a wax pencil or a repair kit, like hardwood floors. And if you need to replace a plank, you will not have time to replace individual planks because laminate planks are not adhered to the subfloor.

It would be best to get an extra box of laminate planks in case you need to replace a plank.

High-quality laminate flooring from our professional Albuquerque laminate flooring

Our Albuquerque laminate flooring service provides a range of quality laminate flooring available at Albuquerque, New Mexico. We pride ourselves on providing the best quality products and services on the market. We offer laminate flooring that looks like a natural wood floor at an affordable price to help you achieve a hardwood floor's classic and elegant look without some of the practical disadvantages. A variety of designs, styles, and textures are available in our store to give you more choices and help you choose laminate flooring that matches your home's design and atmosphere.

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